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My List
Since I was a little girl I've had a list.
I'm not sure when I started it or what gave me the idea to make such a list, but it has been something I've done for as long as I can remember. Thankfully the list has altered through the years. No, I don't still want to marry Zac Hanson or to have the world's largest beanie baby collection. I like having something that shows a little piece of my hopes and dreams.

Here it is in no particular order...

= have done

1. go snorkeling
2. ride in a taxi
3. be published in a magazine
4. get a dog
5. do something life changing for someone
6. swim with dolphins
7. marry the man of my dreams
8. go sailing
9. ride in atop a double decker trolley
10. travel through Europe
11. visit New Zealand
12. visit all 50 states
13. go on a missions trip

14. swim in the ocean with clothes on
15. visit Yellowstone
16. go deep sea fishing
17. learn to quilt
18. ride on a double seater bike
19. ride in a hot air balloon
20. go parasailing
21. visit Hawaii
22. surf
23. love like Jesus (will never reach, but will continue to try)
24. start a family
25. go skydiving